• Jan 06 2019 5:01 PM

Army greens: remembering freedom

I thought, what are the odds that I see this man in this location? The reason being, it was just one block from where my past client--who happened to previously serve in the military--had just purchased a home. Coincidental? 

My mind instantly began to think about the stories this man had to tell. I thought about the amount of time he could talk if given an attentive audience with listening ears. Where have those army greens been? 

I thought about his time on the ground wherever he was stationed. He could’ve been sent anywhere, away from his mom and dad or wife and kids. Whoever he was leaving when he made that decision to serve, he did it for the freedom of his country; he left to fight for the freedom of people he didn’t even know.  This man I drove past on the street has sacrificed parts of his life so I could live mine freely. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know what I do for a living or the names of my kids and husband, but he did that for me. Really think about that for a second.

The amount of bravery that man must have within him to be able to run into a crisis zone while most people would turn and run the opposite way is remarkable. The level of courage and trust his family must have is equally remarkable. 

For a short while, our Keller Williams office had the privilege of working with a secretary named Nicole, the wife of an Army man. While working with Nicole, I saw first hand the true sacrifices the families of service men and women make. Just as they get settled, make friends, and begin to call a place HOME, a call can come in and--all of a sudden--they’re off to the next station. These families sacrifice a lot, all while remaining supportive and dedicated to their spouse.

It’s a blessing that we all have different gifts to share with this world. It’s a blessing to live in a place where I can build a business, raise a family, and worship God freely. I think recognizing this fact is important. My heart is continually tugged in a direction of remembering that freedom comes at a cost. Much of the time, it is the cost of one man or woman’s selflessness. 

So many thoughts looming in my mind. How do we give back? How can I show support to active military and veterans right here in NWI? If I have these questions, I am sure other do too.

Ever since I saw that gentleman walking down Joliet Street in his army greens, I just haven’t been able to shake the thought of these brave men and women--the ones who serve our country and fight for our freedom without even knowing our name.