Your best interests are our goals



When you select KBRG to assist you in your sale, you’re not just choosing a realtor, you’re choosing a guider. Knowledgeable, resourceful, dependable, accessible, dedicated, compassionate — those are the staples of KBRG, and we use them to guide you through your sale and to your new property. We’ve earned our trust with our clients through our benevolent approach and commitment to our community. Our client testimonials confirm we’re achieving our goals.


Our merit and reputation mean everything to us. Our team is dedicated to being direct and forthright from your first walk-through. We eliminate distractions to achieve your objectives promptly and efficiently. Our devotion to saving you time, effort, and money allows us to grow our relationship in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland market and meet our mission of servant leadership. Below is a list of 5 steps to expect at your first walk-through.
  • Evaluate your needs

    We want to get to know you and better understand your needs. Be prepared to bring all of your questions and concerns about selling. We will be prepared to listen and document everything you tell us, so that we can develop a winning marketing plan for your property.

  • Establish your timelines

    We understand how crucial your timeline is to you. We will build a realistic strategic timeline alongside your goals, and our perseverance will allow us to stay on course.

  • Review the condition of your property

    We’re confident we can get you a maximum return on investment. We will offer advice on the most economical ways to improve your property to achieve a higher sale, from a new paint job to landscaping. If you need referrals for affordable, reputable contractors in the area, we have a vast network of trusted professionals who have never let us down.

  • Analyze the market data in your sales area

    What separates us from other realtors, is our close connection to the cities and towns we serve and our pragmatic approach to sales. Expect us to provide a robust look at the market data in your sales area for discussion.

  • Develop a marketing & pricing strategy that best fits your property

    We will use all of the above to develop an individual marketing and pricing strategy that is best suited for you and your property. Be prepared to discuss this plan with us, so we are ensured you are comfortable and confident in our approach.


We are the real estate group you tell your friends about, the one that went above and beyond not just to exceed your needs, but also to meet the needs of those we worked with along the way. We are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, and we make sure that shines through every step of the way to everyone involved in the process. 


We Are Client Focused

We are here to serve our clients first and foremost. When we achieve your goals, we achieve ours. This is conveyed through our affable personalities, our sincerity, and our flexibility to our clients.


We Are Results Oriented

We are driven by achieving the greatest results possible for each and every client. This means our goal is not simply to make a sale, but rather the best sale possible in the current market. We utilize that determination in every individual marketing plan we create.


We Have A Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself — it is testament to our loyalty and hard work. Check out our client testimonials and if those don’t convince you, we can provide a list of references who will attest to our successes.


We Are Highly Responsive To Our Clients’ Needs

We take the time to get to know our clients, in fact we hope to develop a life-long relationship with you. We listen to your needs and use them to fuel everything we do, and we are always ready and available when you need us.


We Provide Hand-Crafted Marketing Approaches Specific To Your Property

You will never get a template marketing plan from us. The market is always changing, and it varies from each city or town. This is where our knowledge and connection to the communities we serve are extremely useful. We know buyers aren’t just looking for property, but also a school, church, and community that aligns with their values. This is all accounted for in our hand-crafted plans.


We consider the market conditions and the key features of a property when crafting our marketing plans. The market conditions provide different opportunities, strategies, and challenges that require a unique approach to achieve optimum results for each individual property. We make the determination on the style of professional photography or videography needed and what extent our collateral pieces need to be distributed. Our priority remains to provide maximum exposure to capture the attention of the widest audience.


Buy and sell smarter with more insight from our team