• Oct 07 2019 5:05 PM

Happy Fall Y'all: Selling Your Home in the “Off Season”

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the locally-based HERE Magazine publication. I was excited to get involved both as an advertising patron, as well as a stockist (able to host copies and distribute to those interested), for the publication. I am a firm believer in supporting our region and it’s small businesses, and love that HERE takes pride in showcasing those same things. For these reasons, I was incredibly honored and humbled when recently asked to share some tips when selling in the “off season” for their fall 2019 issue.  

Now the question was: Where do I begin?? It was important to me to give readers useful information which left them knowing more and teaching them how to apply it to their own real estate endeavors. I created and delivered the material you’ll find within this blog post, and since it received such a strong reaction from the HERE magazine readers, I decided to share this expanded version for all of MY readers too! May these tips help those who have concerns with listing their HOME at this time of the year.  

And, be sure to keep an eye out for us in HERE Magazine in issues to come— 

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Tips for Successful Selling This Fall  

Insight on how to market your property to move quickly  

When it comes to selling a property, the time of year is an important factor. Many would think listing in the cooler months, a.k.a. the “off season”, means less activity and more days on the market. In my experience, this has proven to be incorrect. The Fall season has a tendency of producing offers at top market value with minimum market time due to low housing inventory. Following an aggressive spring & summer market, there tends to be an overwhelming amount of comparables to assist in properly pricing the property.  


Over the years, after educating my clients of this, I have watched them greatly benefit from selling in the fall season. However, many of my client’s success stories were because they also understood the importance of having their property be market ready. So, what does “market ready” mean to potential buyers & realtors in Northwest Indiana? Let me elaborate.  

First impressions are lasting. Preparing your property to be in optimal condition prior to any showings will aid in the next steps to selling your home.  With this in mind, let’s highlight some key areas and helpful tips to assist in preparing your property to attract today’s buyer quicker than the competition.   

Create Curb Appeal:  

  • Remove any debris from your yard.   

Trim bushes & trees, remove leaves, plant season appropriate flowers. Ensure walk-ways are clear and inviting.     

  • Create an inviting ambiance starting with your front entry.   

Adding a fresh coat of paint on the front door, a decorative wreath or ornamental item create a warm welcome. Adding a tasteful welcome mat will give it that extra touch while also keeping the interior free of dirt and debris.    

  • Clean all lighting fixtures, both exterior and interior.   

Evenings typically experience the most showing traffic and with the changing season, it gets darker earlier. Be sure the property is well lit.  

Start from the outside   

Wash windows (inside and out), remove window screens, clear out gutters and stage back patios or decks. Fall is still a great time to enjoy the outdoors.    

Interior Tune-Up:    

  • Create a neutral space for buyers  

Eliminating personal belongings and items of sentimental value is always a must, but especially important at this time of the year because we will want to feature tasteful decor for the holiday seasons. This will allow for buyers to begin envisioning how their holiday’s will be spent in the property.    

  • Use a seasonal appropriate scented plug-in or essential oil. Fresh is best.    

  • Remove clutter and create defined spaces within the property.   

When a buyer is purchasing a property during this season, they realize the importance of placement of holiday décor even more. Assist them in seeing the potential of where Thanksgiving can be hosted or where the Christmas tree can be placed.    

  • Home systems "once over"

It is wise to have the furnace tuned-up, chimney swept, and plumbing pipes evaluated to begin preparing for the colder months.   

Once under contract, the buyer typically conducts a home inspection, and now you are one step ahead of them. Be sure to provide the copies of these receipts to potential buyers.   

Perhaps the most crucial tip when listing in the Fall, is choosing a knowledgeable realtor to represent the property. The housing inventory tends to be less during this season, and so are the number of buyers. Having a knowledgeable, local expert who is experienced in that particular sales area will make the process more seamless for all involved. The realtor is aware of the type of buyer that will be attracted to the property, so they will focus on enhancing a property’s key features to gain the most exposure. For example, hiring a professional photographer to capture the beauty of an open concept living area so it has a true representation online. Or, bringing in an aerial photographer to highlight the attributes of a private location within the subdivision. I cannot stress the importance of investing in the services of a professional realtor enough to ensure a quicker sale that yields the seller the most money.   

Happy selling and happy fall!