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  • Sep 15 2019 8:42 AM

Hello September, Hello Breath of Fresh Air!

After months of warm, sunny days filled with packed schedules of work and play, September can feel like a breath of fresh air. For me, mid-late September provides a “breather” as the kids head back to school, and the market & weather start to change. This year, I feel this breather was needed much more than usual. As you may have noticed, my blog posts were non-existent in the past few months. This was not due to a lack of content, quite the opposite. The “notes” in my phone are overflowing of ideas, places, people, and concepts that I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming months! The recurring issue was simply a matter of finding the TIME to plug in my creative mindset to pour out all the amazing adventures that summer brought.  

One of the many reasons I love living in the Midwest, is embracing the four seasons. Each of these seasons brings on a new beginning, and with each new beginning, we are reminded to take time and reflect on the fruits of our labors. The warm summer months can be full of not only busy workdays, but busy workdays followed by fun activities. With each day seeming to pass more quickly than in other seasons, we can forget to pay attention. In my profession, September is a gentle reminder that our year is nearing its end, so it is time to look at those yearly goals that were set for ourselves both personally & professionally. Are they still attainable? Have they been reached or surpassed? Nine months of striving to become more than we were the year before. September has become a perfect time to re-organize, re-focus, and re-assess these goals.  

Lately, in my spare time I can be found purging my basement of unneeded items. I noticed many of my July and August clients were in a mad dash to purge their homes of items that they have held onto for the last 5, 10, or 20 years. It gave me a giggle when the wife would conveniently “misplace” a box that the husband had to “sort through” before recycling or donating. Years of their treasures conveniently not making the big move to their new home. It dawned on me, why wait until we move to purge unwanted or unneeded items? I have taken the initiative and began handing down all my baby toys, clothes, and furniture. Items that have been collecting dust in the basement and giving me anxiety each time I stepped foot in that space. Let me tell you, it is liberating, almost freeing to relocate these items to a new HOME. Now, they can hold another child’s precious memories. 

If you’re looking for a clean slate, part with the unneeded. If you are not one to hold onto items, the following few items may speak to you when beginning this new season:  

1) Hit the snooze button. 

It goes against every motivational and self-help book, but my theory is those extra 9 minutes of dreaming will give you the excitement to start the day.

2) Breakfast time should be intentional.  

Talk about what you’ll do great that day. The kids and I like to share ideas on how we’ll help others and bring more kindness into the world.

3) Embrace Change. 

Right now is always a good time to adopt new habits, new beginnings, new approaches to things that haven’t been working.  

4) Read a Book. 

Yes, I said it. Carve out an extra 30 minutes to feed your mind with something different. Or, if you’re anything like me, listen to it on audible while driving. It’s amazing how your mind can absorb new things when it wants to, and has the time to.

5) Be the change you’d like to see in the world. 

Start small. Get involved in a charity or organization that speaks to you. Giving back gives you satisfaction that other actions won’t. I’ve personally watched others step outside their comfort zone and become more just by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. 

Here’s to jumping into this new season with a renewed mindset, sense of productivity, and finishing out the year strong!