• May 07 2019 5:01 PM

Dear Realtors

New listings are always popping up. Contracts are being written; accepted or rejected. Either you’re making the dreams come true or becoming the dream crusher. Sometimes you get to deliver the exciting news, other times the difficult responsibility of explaining a tough situation falls on you. Inspections going awry. Appraisals being undercut even in this hot market. The list continues.

But, the one item that must remain constant in this ever-revolving industry is YOU. You’re their realtor. If you treat that role as a privilege, you will always remember that you’re here to guide your clients through this buying/selling process. You are here to provide them with the knowledge of how to handle the tough situations and how to celebrate the good ones. You have to know how to turn each problem into an opportunity. You have to be better than yesterday. This can be a tough task. 

It can be tough to guide your clients to a mindset of optimism when the inspection you thought would be easy goes downhill fast. It can be difficult to hear from another potential buyer that the house you are selling is just not what they are looking for or “it needs too much work.” Just like with any good job, some days are just hard. 

But even on the tough days, even on the days that feel too heavy to carry, you’re here for a reason. Your clients need you to walk with them. Hiring a realtor is much bigger than just asking someone to help sell and/or buy a house. This is a business of people; it’s a business of people who are looking to change up their lives, but who need assistance doing that. You are that assistance!

So even when the days look different and the hours are unpredictable, I encourage you to stick with it, because you are needed here. So, keep showing up. Keep doing the work you have been trained to do in order to serve your clients because watching them reach their goals and find HOME will always remain rewarding. And remember, be better than yesterday.