• Mar 25 2019 4:08 PM

Moving fast and stepping back

We opened up our listings for potential buyers--or people “just browsing”--to view the amenities, features, and finishes of these properties. 

This event was a great opportunity to meet some awesome people. I enjoyed listening to them and learning more about who they are. I learned what they are looking for in a new home and the most important items on their wish lists. 

At one specific listing that I call "The Blair", I got some valuable advice from these potential buyers. They told me the features of the house that they loved and followed it up with the features that would not work for them. One example of this was the location. One family just could not see themselves moving into a subdivision. I love having these types of interactions because it makes me better at what I do.

As a listing agent, receiving this type of feedback is key. Especially when representing a builder. Take note Katherine, many of today’s buyers prefer no backyard neighbors or privacy created with landscaping. 

Some of the people at the event told me about how they’re not quite ready to list their home in this fast-paced Spring Market. There are still a few tweaks to make, but once their home hits the market, they need a plan of where to move. Hence the reason they were visiting all 7 properties that we held open that beautiful Saturday afternoon. 

I loved getting to know the people at my listing. I loved meeting them, talking with them, and giving them my professional advice on how to improve their current home to make it market-ready. I wanted to help them so they could begin their next adventure.   

Speaking of adventures, the sweetest 3-year-old girl joined her parents at the Open House that Saturday. She had a miniature figurine of the Seattle Space Needle that her mom brought back from a business trip earlier that week. Of course, little people have a way of grabbing my attention. She and I had the nicest little conversation about the beautiful princess dress she had on for a party she was attending later. The party was for her Nana’s birthday at 94 West located in Tinley Park. After hearing them tell me all about it, I’ve decided to make a visit very soon. They also were kind enough to share some “must-see attractions” for when my schedule allows for me to make that much-desired trip to Seattle. 

In this fast-paced, busy, and complex world we live in, it’s so great to find a genuine human connection with total strangers.  

We live in a world of social media. Online, people only see what others choose to show them. If we neglect to spend real time with others, we only view a small glimpse of each other. Online, we get the highlight reels. We see the best version of life with a nice filter and a witty caption. On the flip side, Social media can be an amazing resource. It reaches us all across the world and enables us to stay connected with people who are far away. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are wonderful platforms, but if left by themselves, our human connections will suffer.  

Face-to-face interactions are so important. Meeting people for a coffee, inviting them over for dinner, or going on a walk together are all easy ways to strengthen your bonds and deepen your connections. Getting to know people, sharing your thoughts, and making room for them to share theirs is so valuable. Some of my favorite mornings begin with breakfast spent with colleagues or dear friends. These encounters are where we share business tips, thoughts on Sundays’ sermon, or advice on how to stay consistent with routines. 

I hope you see that value in connections in your own life. I hope you find the time to sit down with an old friend or make a new one. You just never know what type of effect those moments will have on you or the people you are choosing to make time for. I am thankful for those connections I made at that Open House. They reminded me that sometimes I just need to go back to the basics of life.