• Mar 22 2022 8:38 AM

Spring Cleaning Top tips

Spring cleaning season is an excellent time to get your home ready to sell, even if you’re not quite ready to make the leap. With better weather and open windows to clean the air, it’s the best time for this project. Here are a few tips to get you going on spring cleaning your home to prepare you to sell:

1.     I highly recommend cleaning all the window screens, and then removing them from each window so you can have photos that appear crisper. My suggestion is to label each screen for the appropriate window and place them in a secure yet obvious space, so buyers know that you have them readily available.


2.     Have a qualified contractor inspect the roof to ensure all shingles are in place and flashing is intact for roof vents, chimney, etc. It is also wise to clean out the gutters to ensure they are free of debris that could lead to drainage in unwanted areas. 


3.     On the next warm day—hire a qualified contractor to evaluate your A/C unit to ensure it is operating properly. Be sure to provide the documentation to your realtor so they may pass along the work details to the potential buyer. Being proactive can be helpful to potential buyers in case the future home inspection takes place on a day where the temperatures fall below 65 degrees. If the exterior temps are below 65 degrees, the home inspector cannot turn on the unit and thoroughly inspect. Why not provide peace of mind to the new owners if you can do so?

4.     Instead of using plug-ins or candles that can be overbearing at times, consider diffusing essential oils in your home when showings are scheduled. Scents like lavender lemongrass not only leave the home smelling fresh and inviting, they may also leave the potential buyers feeling calm—something they need in this aggressive sellers’ market.


5.     Consider having your chimney swept. Chimneys experience quite a bit of use in the colder months in NWI and they are often the #1 item in-house that can be overlooked when it comes to maintenance and spring cleaning. However, it is a very important household “To-Do” that requires attention, especially when you go to sell.

Happy Spring Cleaning!