• Mar 19 2019 3:09 PM

From contracts to unicorn cookies

You see, my daughter was about to jump from five-years-old to a six-years-old, and unicorn-themed cookies were all she wanted to share with her Kindergarten class in celebration of this. 

I turned to Facebook when my own personal resources had run out. I put the strong, motherly emotions I was feeling to the side to focus on the task at hand: I needed beautifully decorated cookies for my daughter on this exciting birthday. 

My Facebook friends stepped up. They gave amazing recommendations! I was connected with a local bakery in Lowell, Gold Star Cafe and Catering. And boy, do they know how to decorate a cookie! I would highly recommend this adorable café to anyone. 

I checked that item off my long list of things to do for a six-year-old’s birthday party. Whew! 

In the midst of my unicorn cookie and decoration hunt, there were still CMA’s to be completed, properties to be listed, buyer appointments to be set, and contracts to write. 

Remember Katherine, BALANCE. Keep all the “hats” straight. 

I take the many roles in my life seriously. Wearing many hats will always be something I do with great pride. Wearing my ‘mom hat’ does not mean I take off my ‘realtor hat’, or the other way around. I have learned to find the balance in this LIFE I am creating. Maintaining that balance is a constant struggle, but a struggle that I promise myself I will master one day. 

Writing up contracts for my clients to purchase their dream home, or receiving an offer on a home that my clients are selling is something I thoroughly enjoy. Whether this is their first or fourth home, the smiles and excitement are always there. I love joining in the excitement and celebration with them. Buying or selling a home is so much more than a transaction; it is a feeling, it is where relationships are created, and where memories are shared. 

While celebrating my Elli Harper’s birthday, I couldn’t help but remember what life had looked like 6 years ago, before client contracts and unicorn-themed cookies. 

I was reminded of the beginning of my real estate career and—of course—when I became a mother. My mind flooded with memories from the beginning of both these important roles. I was a few months pregnant with my Elli Harper when taking my real estate exam. Sitting in the exam, I felt her tiny kicks. It felt like she was reminding me to not play it small in life. Her little nudges inside of me (at the time) were the nudges I needed to step out of my comfort zone and become the person I am today. Each day, that little girl inspires me to be better than the day before. Her zest for life gives me courage, confidence, and more love than I could ever ask for. 

The night before she turned 6, I laid in her bed a little longer than normal. After we finished our nightly prayers, I watched her doze off into a peaceful slumber and allowed my mind to wander off to the many wishes that I have for her sweet sole. Instantly the Rascal Flatts song popped into my head.

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small. You never need to carry more than you can hold…” 

From planning birthday parties to attending listing appointments, writing contracts to arriving at pick-up on time, the list goes on... it’s what keeps me going! I am a realtor for my family and because of my family. The love and support Andrew, Elli Harper, and Deklan give me is something that directly affects my business. I’m so thankful for the ways they encourage me to wear both hats—my mom hat and my realtor hat—with such great pride. 

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