• Jun 13 2019 8:44 PM

What's YOUR Super Power?

The speaker, Tony Giordano, an international best-selling author, renowned speaker, consultant, & coach took an hour out of his phenomenal presentation to interview a small group of agents on how we intend to prepare for a shift in the market. 

When asked to be a part of this panel, I instantly felt I was not worthy of being on stage with someone who has these types of credentials. Tony Giordano has been featured on BRAVO’s Million Dollar Listing (Los Angeles) and HGTV to name a few. The fear began to sink in… What could I possibly offer fellow Realtors about preparing for a shift in the market? How could I properly explain what I implement in my business to continue to surpass my goals? 

When I voiced my concerns to our market centers team leader, her exact words were, “this is exactly why you need to do this. You do not grow unless you step out of your comfort zone.” Just a month earlier this same leader was pushing me to take a trip to Austin, Texas to learn some cutting-edge technology & marketing techniques from Gary Keller, Josh Team, & Jason Abrams – Now she is pushing me out of my comfort zone AGAIN! Her Super Power seems to be inspiring & encouraging others to become more than they were the day before.

I was a panelist for the event; conquered the fear of speaking to a full room of my peers, did my best to impart my knowledge onto others, and then woke up the next morning inspired to KEEP pushing through my fears. 

That morning I had the opportunity to view my most recent advertisement in HERE Magazine. Right there on my desk, front inside page, was a little boy flying through the air, from couch to couch with the text “Selling HOMES is our super power”. I had a flood of emotions in that moment. This particular advertisement was created at the Austin airport immediately following the KW LABS session earlier in May. I was juggling several deadlines that week, so I reached out to my super talented sister-in-law who happens to be an outstanding photographer, mother of four, a creative entrepreneur. Even though she is always in the middle of a million different things, she still lent her ear as I cheerfully explained the vibe I was seeking for the upcoming advertisement. Moments later my email contained images that fit perfectly. Her Super Power is wearing "many hats”, and doing it so beautifully. 

I recall sitting at the airport feeling so confident, inspired, and powerful, I found myself thinking there is a reason for all these turns of events. I was led to Austin to gain a new mindset and become a stronger real estate agent. All the moments in my mind came together- Aha!! My super power is really guiding people HOME. 

It is a marvelous blend of skill, compassion, and focus. If I stay focused on the needs of my clients, serving them to the very best of my ability the outcome will always be happy new homeowners, or sellers who know they got the best deal on their listing. Being the trusted adviser who has the answers to the questions, the solutions to the problems, and the patience to see it all through is the “Super Power”. 

Each time I look at my nephew soaring through the air in that HERE advertisement, so fearless in that moment, it makes me think of the super powers God has given each of us to handle life’s day to day tasks. He gives us those powers so we can become FEARLESS, and do our part to make this world a better place!